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I don’t just design and develop websites, apps and UIs, I create experiences. 

My name is Luke van Genechten, and I am an enthusiastic experience designer. Using my skills in the field of design and knowledge of development, I have participated in many projects that lead to satisfied users and stakeholders. 

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I am an enthousiastic 24 year old designer and developer. I create apps, make websites and develop brand guides. What seperates me from all other designers and developers is my infinite creativity, during school, with hobbies and at work. 

My colleges describe me as a calm and friendly person. But as a creative type, my opinion will be clear for everyone of course!

By being skilled in both design and development, I make sure all skills compliment eachother. After all, designing without development and implementation, it is not very useful. This also goes the other way around, which is why I believe both of these skills need to be proficient as an Experience Designer.

Amongst my projects is a fully co-developed and solo designed Jumbo Allergy app.

Also, an app for Profix is used in a professional environment, which I designed completely and co-developed during my internship.

I created a couple of brand guides and have recently begun developing Elementor websites for individual clients.

Concluding, I am proficient in all Adobe programs and Figma and have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter. I’m also proficient with researching user experiences and user needs. 

With these skills I’m very enthusiastic about assisting you with your next project! Feel free to contact me through the contact form or add me on LinkedIn.


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